Laser Therapy

All Animal Clinic offers laser therapy to all it's patients. The therapeutic laser is a non-evasive way to promote healing at the cellular level. It helps with, but not limited to, arthritis pain, joint pain, inflammation, wound sights and post-op surgical pain. Think the therapy laser can benefit your pet? Call us today!


All Animal Clinic often uses hydrotherapy most commonly for wounds and burns. Hydrotherapy is defined as “water healing”; it uses pulsating water to debride dead cells and flush contamination from open wounds. As a result, it stimulates growth of healing tissue and increases local circulation. Hydrotherapy also decreases pain, fever, and discharge. 

Phovia-Healing with the Speed of Light 

Accelerate natural skin regeneration on cats and dogs. We apply Phovia Fluorescent Light Therapy too most lesions for deep skin repair thats up to twice as fast as alternatives.