Pet Wellness Exam

Pets are incredible companions that bring joy and love into our lives. To help ensure that they are able to keep doing so healthily and happily, it is important for pet owners to maintain their pet's health. This can be done with things like providing a good diet, quality enrichment activities, and, of course, timely and routine healthcare. Additionally, a pet wellness exam at your local Hattiesburg, MS, veterinarian near you offers good preventative care that can help keep your pet healthy and happy for a long time to come. For more information, contact us at All Animal Clinic.

Pet wellness Exam

What's Involved in a Comprehensive Annual Check Up or Pet Wellness Exam?

A pet wellness exam is a comprehensive annual check up in which your vet will perform routine healthcare tasks and search for any underlying health conditions that may need further attention. A few components your vet will offer as part of this type of pet care include:

•             A physical examination in which the vet will examine your pet. This is a preventative care step that will help us check for abnormalities, signs of pain, or questionable body conditions that may indicate an underlying issue.

•             Vaccinations may be performed to help ensure your pet is properly protected from serious and potentially lethal diseases, such as rabies and parvo.

•             Your vet will test and offer parasite control options. This means we will check your pet to see if there are any signs of parasites and will talk about medications that can help keep worms, ticks, fleas, and other parasites away from your pet.

•             Bloodwork and testing may also be performed, such as tests for serious conditions like diabetes and kidney disease. Bloodwork is may also be needed prior to surgery that will require anesthesia.

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